Italy's 20 regions are so diverse, each with their own dialects, cultures and traditions, that the country will have something to suit every taste. Speaking of taste, the cuisine is worth a trip alone. The food-obsessed Italians have perfected their dishes and the use of high quality, home-grown ingredients mean that every bite you take will leave you astonished that anything could ever taste that good! Luckily you can work off the huge amount you are guaranteed to eat by exploring the breath-taking surroundings whether that be the natural beauty of the countryside, the stunning architecture of the cities, or the pristine, golden beaches of the coast. If you need some help deciding where to visit in Italy check out our helpful guide



The weather in Italy varies a lot from North to South throughout the year however the seasons are similar to the UK. It has a Mediterranean climate so the temperatures are usually a lot warmer and more humid. April to late June/early July, September and October are the best times to visit Italy as you can avoid the crowds and still enjoy pleasant weather overall with a low rainfall.  The winter months are the most popular for trips to the Alps and Dolomites.

Low Season: November – March

Shoulder Season: April – June, September – October

High Season: July-August



The currency in Italy is Euros. You can arrange a currency exchange before you travel, purchase a cash passport card, or exchange money once you have arrived.

We have included below some average costs to help you budget for your trip.


1 Night in a Dorm: £25 - £40

1 Night in a Budget Double Room: £50 - £100

1 Night in a Double Room: £100 - £200

1 Night in a Luxury Double Room - £250+


Pizza or Budget Meal : £5 - £10

Restaurant Meal: £20 - £40

Luxury Restaurant Meal: £50 - £150


Museums: £5 - £15

Opera Ticket: £40 - £200

Bus Ticket: £1.50 - £4

Cappucino: £1.50

Ferry Trip: £30 - £40


Taxis: Round up to nearest Euro

Restaurants: 10%

Bars: A small tip for table service


"There is nothing more romantic than Italian food..."

-Elisha Cuthbert 

While travelling in Italy why not try a cooking class so you can share the special experience of Italian cuisine with loved ones when you return. Call our reservations team on 0161 440 6735 to book the below or find out about what else we can offer.

Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner in Florence from £70pp

Try your hand in an Italian kitchen on this 4.5-hour cooking class in Florence. Set in a historic palace, learn how to whip up an authentic 4-course dinner with the help of an expert instructor. Craft Tuscan classics such as fresh pasta, chicken stew and tiramisu for dessert. Reward your hard work afterward with a feast of your creations, paired with delicious Tuscan wine. Numbers are limited to 12 in this small-group workshop in order to keep your experience intimate.

Chianti Semi-Private Cooking Class at a Tuscan Villa with Market Visit from £155pp

Learn how to cook like an Italian on this full-day culinary experience from Florence. Led by an expert guide, shop for fresh ingredients at a Florentine market before traveling to the wine region of Chianti. There, begin your cooking class inside the walls of a historic villa under the guidance of a prominent Florentine chef. Prepare a delicious 4-course meal and then sit down to taste the fruits of your labour, complemented by top Chianti wine. Numbers are limited to 12 to ensure an intimate experience.






Per favore posso avere una pizza?

(Per fa-vor posso av-air une-ah pizza?)

-Please can i have a pizza?

Dov'è il Coloseum?

(doh-vay il co-lo-say-oh?)

-Where is the Coloseum?

Or if you’re really struggling…

Non parlo Italiano!

-I don’t speak Italian!


Interesting Facts

1. Galileo's tooth, thumb, and finger are on display in Florence, Italy. They were removed from his corpse in 1642, 95 years after his death.

2. If you go to Vatican City and visit the museums it would take you 12 years to look at each piece of art for 1 minute!

3. A red wine fountain has opened in central Italy, and it's free!


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