France, one of Western Europe’s most luxurious countries - Home of exquisite wines and iconic architecture. With more hotels than any other country in Europe, this culture-rich land is sure to be on the bucket list of any traveller.


France is such a vast landscape, from beaches on the Mediterranean ocean to mountainous ranges in the Alps, the weather varies across the country. Generally French summers are warm but not uncomfortably so, averaging 25°C, and as hot as 30°C in regions such as Marseille and Ajaccio. The winters, much like French summers are fairly calm, nothing too ravenous but ranging from a chilly 0-7°c.  The Western regions also have a rainier climate than the rest of the country!
Paris is the quintessential destination for tourists, home to the jaw dropping Eiffel tower, standing at an incredible 324 meters and overlooking the entirety of the city. You can also visit the lavish Louvre museum where visitors can view the one and only Mona Lisa, as well as many other masterpieces, including the Wedding at Cana by Paola Veronese. 
If you’re a sun-seeker, escape to the lush beaches of the French Riviera and soak up the sun on the Mediterranean ocean, you wouldn’t believe this tropical location was on the same side of the world as Paris, let alone the same country! Saint-Tropez and Antibes offer and charming fishing villages. There are beautiful sea views and fantastic art in the town of Nice, whilst the city of Cannes is well-known for its celebrity film festival and iconic hotels. 
Monaco is its own country (almost the smallest in the world at 2 square kilometres!) in the French Riviera and is filled with allure from luxurious hotels and casinos to the world-famous grand prix!
Prices per day for budget, mid-range and luxury options:
Hotel or hostel for one person - €30/€80/€285  
Typical double-occupancy room - €60/€150/€549
Meals for one day - €12/€30/€70
Entertainment and Activities - €9/€25/€80
Other costs to consider are tipping (average of 10%), local transport (Average €23 per day for taxis/buses/subway etc.), and alcohol!
French cuisine truly holds some special dishes, so we’re going to skip out the typical frogs’ legs, snails and ratatouille and get straight to the cordon bleu!
Tarte Tatin - An interesting dish with unplanned origins: When trying to make a traditional apple pie Stéphanie Tatin overcooked her apples. In an attempt to save the dish, she put pastry on top, cooked it in the oven and served it upside down. This became the  signature dish of the Hôtel Tatin and quickly spread across the country!
Confit de canard – French duck slow marinated in salt, garlic and thyme and then slow cooked in its own fat for up to 36 hours, giving the duck a succulent deep fried texture. This dish is served with roasted potatoes and garlic. It can be found all over France but is a speciality of the Gascony region.
Salade niçoise - A typical French salad consisting of lettuce, boiled eggs, tomatoes, tuna, green beans, olives and anchovies. A speciality dish of the Provence region that comes in many variations as both a main and side.
Here are a few phrases to use on your visit:
Bonjour – “Hello”
Oui/Non – “Yes/No”
S’il vous plait – “Please”
Comment t'appelles-tu? – “what’s your name?”
Merci – “Thank you”
Comment dit-on (Word) en français? – “How do you say (Word) in French?”
Interesting facts
France was first country to ban supermarkets from unnecessarily throwing away food, the law put in place in 2017 meant ‘waste’ food had to be donated to food banks or charities.
France has nearly 1200 variations of cheese, of which 1 billion tons is produced every year!
The French people sometimes refer to their country as l’hexagone (the hexagon) due to its funny six-sided shape.

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