Where To Go In Croatia!

Dubrovnik old town

Croatia is a fantastic combination of unspoiled nature, beautiful historical sites, and contemporary culture which promises amazing memories and experiences for anyone who travels there. Check out our useful guide below to help decide where is right for you!

Sibenik bridge

Adrenaline Junkies

Croatia is like an activity playground due to its vast and diverse natural landscape. Some notable experiences are rock climbing at Paklenica National Park, windsurfing in Pelješac, kiteboarding in Bol, hiking Mt Velebit (the largest mountain in Croatia), bungee jumping off Sibenik Bridge, diving in Kornati National Park, and skiing in winter on Mt Medvednica. Croatia is perfect for a road trip so why not pick a few activities and do some exploring!

Paklenica National Park climber


Its multitude of safe beaches, fun activities, interactive museums and ancient fortresses for children to play in make Croatia a perfect family destination! Coastal cities such as Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar are all a great combination of beach and pedestrianised old towns with lots to explore. The cuisine in Croatia has a lot of Italian influence so you are almost guaranteed to find something suitable for even the fussiest eater at nearly all restaurants and hotels. Šibenik also hosts the International Children’s Festival in June/July which is a unique and exciting event to get involved with.



Croatia offers many delectable flavours. For starters, there are restaurants with outstanding fresh seafood aplenty due to most places being near the coast. Also, you must try the famous pastry shop U Prolazu if you are near Zagreb for the best Kremsnite (a custard cream cake) in Croatia! Pag cheese is another Croatian staple, originating from the Island of Pag. You can purchase this cheese all over Croatia but taking a day trip to the island is an extra special treat for foodies! Finally, truffles are a beautiful delicacy in Croatia and, although you can find them in shops and restaurants all over the country, Istria is the place to go due to its forests containing 4 different types. Go on a tour to hunt for them, or we recommend Stara Ostarija and Gostiona Kvarner restaurants!

Restaurant in Istria


If your main motivation for travelling is to discover new locations of dazzling natural beauty then you can't get better than Croatia. It has 8 National Parks spanning over 961 square kilometres of coast, mountains, waterfalls, forests and lakes. Plitvice National Park is definitely the most incredible thing I have ever seen with magical waterfalls crashing into the clearest blue water and acres of forest to explore. Krka National Park includes a 73 kilometre river which flows through limestone hills and ends in a dramatic waterfall which you can swim in.

Krka National Park (you can swim in this waterfall!)


Croatia is known for its amazing festivals and nightlife, with a huge amount on throughout the summer such as Outlook and Sonus Festivals. Zrce Beach is the location for Hideout Festival and is also known as Croatia's Ibiza due to its 24 hour parties and open air nightclubs. You can find everything from intimate beach parties to huge mega clubs which attract people from all over the globe. Hvar town also has a fantastic bar/club scene, particularly from June to September when it becomes the city that doesn't sleep! 

Papaya Club at Zrce Beach


Due to Croatia being part of the Roman Empire for over five centuries it is packed full of stunning Roman ruins and is even home to the 6th largest Roman amphitheatre in the world! In Pula, you can visit this amphitheatre as well as the beautifully restored Temple of Augustus. In Zadar, Roman ruins are scattered throughout the old town in surprising locations so you don't have to go far. A climb to the top of the bell tower in the old town square is a particularly thrilling experience, especially the view from the top! In Split, visit the Palace of Diocletian, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 200 buildings to explore, some of which are cafes or places to spend the night!

Roman Forum and ruins in Zadar

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