Wet Weekend Inspiration


As the weather is being quite unreliable this summer we decided to put together a list fun activity suggestions to keep the kids entertained over the holidays! Whether you prefer hiding indoors or embracing the elements we've got an idea to suit you...



Treasure Hunt

Hide a prize somewhere in the house and then create a set of simple clues with or more complicated rhyming clues (depending on the players ages!) to hide around the house. Putting little treats with these clues can also help keep up the motivation. Make sure it’s not too difficult to avoid discouragement though!

Make A Den

All you really need is some chairs with blankets draped over the top (but there are lot’s of ways to get inventive!)  to make an indoor den. Fill it with cushions and a family and you’ve got endless possibilities of games or just spending time together. You’ll be surprised how much more exciting anything can be when you’re hidden in your secret homemade fortress/princess castle!

Make sock puppets and put on a show!

If you’ve got some old socks lying around this is a great excuse to get crafty! Gather some items such as buttons and sequins to glue on for facial features or get markers and draw them on then take it in turns putting on a show! They can be also come in handy for teaching purposes in the future.

Party/Indoor Picnic for no reason

Who says you need a reason to have a party! Perk up a boring rainy day by getting out the bunting and balloons, putting on a little buffet, turning up the music and having a dance in your living room. Classic party games are definitely recommended!

Fashion show

This is an entertaining AND productive activity as it can be the perfect excuse to see which clothes no longer fit and have a general clear out. Lay down a blanket in a catwalk style, whack some energetic music on, and have someone taking photographs to make it even more authentic. Then just take it in turns trying on clothes and strutting down the runway!

Board games

It’s more than likely you’ve got a pile of board games that barely get touched! A rainy weekend day is the perfect opportunity to put aside the electronic devices, get back to basics, and pull them for some old fashioned family fun!


Depending on the age of the participants this can either be full on baking a cake, or just decorating cupcakes that have been bought or prepared earlier. Either way it’s a creative way to get children interested in cooking and learning those important skills. Top Tip: when I was a child I would pretend I was presenting a cooking show and talk to the imaginary camera which made it ten times more fun!


The UK is packed full of interesting and innovative museums on our heritage as well as modern inventions and science. Most have activity centres which are great for getting children interested in new (and sometimes boring!) topics. Some examples are National Football Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, Eureka!, The Eden Project, and KidZania, and National Railway Museum.


Have an adventure and learn about the mysterious world of underwater! Blue Planet Aquarium, Oceanarium:The Bournemouth Aquarium, The Deep, Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre and Anglesey Sea Zoo are all great examples. Underwater tunnels, demonstrations and diving can be a part of your weekend!


Sandcastle in Blackpool, WaterWorld in Stoke, Calypso Cove in Barnsley, Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire, Splashdown in Poole and Alton Towers Water Park are just a small sample of what’s out there for a fun day out for adults and children alike.


Make a mud pie

Rain=Mud. Sometimes this can be a nightmare but you can choose  to embrace it by just grabbing a handful and squidging it together on the ground and decorating it with natural objects such as leaves and stones. Get creative and make sandcastle style structures in your garden or local park!

Build a den

Head to your nearest woodland area and collect branches that have fallen from trees. Fashion them into a tepee shape to create your den, then cosy up with a picnic and enjoy the sound of the rain in the trees.

Measure the rainfall

All you need is an empty plastic bottle, a few little stones, a ruler and a permanent marker. Add the stones to the bottle to stop it from falling over, and then cut the top off the bottle and place it upside down in the base so it forms a funnel. Tape this together and then use your ruler to mark the height up the side. Leave it out on the rain and then check at regular intervals to keep a log!

Make raindrop art

If you fancy getting a bit creative, try adding sprinkles of powder paint or little blobs of liquid paint to a white paper plate and then leaving them outside in the rain to see what unusual patterns are made! Make sure you keep an eye on them though as you don’t want the rain to wash the paint away. This is a good way of making rain into a useful part of the activity rather than a hindrance.

Minibeast hunt

Go on the hunt and carefully save lost wrigglys that love to surface when it’s rainy from the pavement by putting them back into the garden/soil.

Puddle jumping

I know it sounds simple but pulling on a pair of wellies, letting go of your inhibitions and having a splash in some big muddly puddles can be such a stress release and a huge amount of fun! See who can make the biggest splash!

Make a raindrop orchestra

Why not use the elements to make some music! You can spread out different containers such as pans and bowls and listen to the different sounds each makes, or fill different containers with water and use spoons and other utensils to play your homemade instruments. Record the sounds for memories that will last!

Rain Races

Gather different objects for each member of the group and locate a stream or other flowing water that you can race on. All that’s left to do is mark a finishing point, Ready, Set, Go! and see who’s item reaches it first. This can be played over and over again.

Water Balloon Fight

Since you’re already going to be wet, a rainy day is the ample time for a water balloon fight! Fill up your balloons with water and have a bucket full ready to keep stocking up. This can be played in the garden or out and about as long as you can find the space.

Have a nice walk!

If you’re not worried about your hair or nice clothes getting wet then going for a scenic walk in the rain can be a pleasant experience. Find your local national trust area for some natural beauty and enjoy getting muddy together! Top Tip: Take a flask of hot chocolate and towels to warm you up if it gets too cold out there! 


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