Travel New Year's Resolutions

Did you know that most people break their new years resolutions on January 12th? That’s right, not even 2 full weeks after making promises of moral strength, we throw them out the window! But this is usually because these promises are based on negative thoughts “DON’T drink wine, DON’T eat chocolate, DON’T DON’T DON’T”

But what if we flip these resolutions on their head and promise ourselves a positive experience in the new year? What better experience to promise yourself than travelling around the world?

Here are some of the travel resolutions you can make to inspire your 2022 travels:

Set goals for your travel – Too commonly when people go on holiday do they use the time to sit back and do absolutely nothing. As appealing as this is it usually means the stay flies by - before you know it, you’re back in the office planning your next trip! Put a stop to the mundane madness and set an objective for your new year travels: it could be to see all the attractions in the local area, to learn some of the native language or even just to finish that book that’s been in the back of your mind for forever. Whatever it may be, setting yourself an objective for your travels will make them feel more valuable and even more memorable, as you know you will have accomplished something during the stay.

Try national travel – So many people always focus on travelling internationally, make a cheaper and greener change in the new year – travel nationally! We’re so obsessed with being on the other side of the world for our holidays we forget to appreciate the places we’re from. Spend some time in a serene lodge in the British countryside or even a city break in London. Just don’t miss out on the amazing experiences your home country has to offer.

Visit an exotic location – We all have comfortable holidays we enjoy going on, for many of the British population, somewhere around Lanzarote is the prime spot for ‘comfortable travel’. Try step out of this comfort zone in 2022 and travel somewhere that scares you! Now if you wanted to take this in a literal sense, we’d suggest the likes of Romania, home of creepy (but amazing) castles and the infamous Dracula! Otherwise any destination you’ve never thought to visit will help you break out of your comfort zone, maybe Asia or even way down under in the gorgeous Australia.

Travel with someone new – Travel does special things for your relationships; friends, relatives or couples. Travelling with someone creates a very strong bond from the memories you have created together, make these special memories with someone new this year as you’ll gain a whole different experience and grow much closer to your travel buddy. Alternatively, if you’re usually a group traveller spend some valuable time on your own and discover all new beautiful parts of the world, and maybe even a little more about yourself!

Hopefully this was able to give you some ideas of alternate more exciting new years resolutions you can actually look forward to rather than be scared of. At the end of day, you’re making resolutions for a better you, so do what you know is best for you!

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