Our Top 15 Packing Tips

I think we all know that trying to cram everything we think we'll need for a holiday into a suitcase is one of the only downsides of travelling...

So, as regular travellers ourselves, we’ve decided to collate our packing wisdom to help your holiday prep go as smoothly as possible!

1.       Always check your baggage allowances with the airline for free and booked bags. If you end up over the limit when you get to the airport you can end up with hefty fines! A luggage scale is an affordable and useful tool which you can take with you and use again for your return flight.

2.       Organise your outfits and accessories into separate bags or packing cubes as this saves time rather than piecing outfits you planned back together. The bags will also be handy to separate dirty clothes for when you get back!

3.       Space save with tricks such as putting socks and other small items in shoes, decanting large toiletries into smaller travel bottles, and rolling your clothes. You’d be surprised how much room you actually save!

4.       Cross pack if you have more than one suitcase by having a backup outfit for each traveller in every bag just in case one gets lost on the way.

5.       Keep multiple copies of your documents such as accommodation, flight, transfer and insurance details and put them in all your bags as well as emailing them to yourself so you are prepared if any get lost.

6.       Wear your heaviest shoes/jacket/clothes to travel in as this will save precious room in your suitcase and baggage allowance. Just make sure it’s all comfortable enough for a pleasant flight. Or do a Joey and wear as many of your clothes as possible!

7.       A lightweight suitcase is your best friend when travelling as heavy hard-shell cases can contribute up to 5kg to your weight allowance.

8.       Pack accessories! They can really transform an outfit so you can wear your favourite things several times with different looks and avoid looking like you haven’t changed on all the photos. It’s a lot easier and more space saving than packing lots of different outfits!

Doesn't this just fill you with such a calm feeling?!


9.       Plan and then reduce what you planned before packing. We all take far too much on holiday and usually end up wearing the same comfy pair of shorts or dress more than once so take this into account before overpacking! Also check the weather and what you’ll be doing and make sure everything you’ve packed is appropriate.

10.   A basic first aid kit including plasters, insect repellent, antiseptic cream and painkillers for adults and children is a must have for holidays to avoid splashing out on pricey products in the touristy areas. It’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

11.   Leave some room in your suitcase for bringing things home with you! There’s nothing worse than seeing something that you have to have or super cheap while on holiday but not being able to purchase it because you haven’t got any extra room in the case.

12.   Download games or apps that don’t require the internet as these will come in so handy if the weather is bad or during unexpected flight delays. Some great examples are Bejewelled, Starfall, Angry Birds, Road Rally, Where’s My Water, Hangman, and Tetris. Check if your apps will work before you leave by turning your internet off and trying them out. Taking old fashioned travel games or a deck of cards is also a good idea!

13.   Organise your chargers and keep them all together in a waterproof bag in your hand luggage. This way if any devices run out you don’t have the stress of hunting through your suitcase to pull up documents or keep the kids entertained.

14.   Use straws and buttons to keep your jewellery neat! Straws can be threaded onto necklaces to stop them getting tangles and earrings can be pushed through button holes to stop them getting lost. Pill boxes are also really practical for sorting jewellery.

15.   Towel on top always! As well as ensuring that you can get to the beach or pool as soon as you arrive, the towel will hold all your belongings in place if you spread it over the top.

If you fancy booking a trip so you can put all of these tips to good use give us a call on 0161 440 6735!

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