Savour your summer holiday memories with keepsakes!

It may seem early, but Summer is fast approaching and if you’re not prepared it’ll be over before you know it! Here are some tips to make the memories of summer sun last with these keepsake ideas.


Journaling - a lot of people will do this just in their daily routine. Journaling helps you remember these moments allowing you to reflect on what you have done that day. This makes those magical memories evergreen as you can return to them time and time again.

Your journal doesn’t have to be a novel by any means, even just a sentence or two summing up what you have done that day makes a huge difference! Taking the 5-10 minutes out of your day to note your holiday activities is invaluable. Be sure to pack a notebook on your next adventure.



Scrapbooking - One step up from journaling is scrapbooking. The great thing about this is the visual elements, in addition to reading your own accounts of the holiday, you have photos that will last a lifetime.  Find a way to give you photos a little personal flair by cutting them out or presenting them in your own style – there’s no need to edit your photos to please your friends on social media, make personal memories just for you!

Now, scrapbooking is something that you probably won’t be able to do on your holiday (unless you have nothing better to do!). However, you can prepare for it on your holiday by taking plenty of pictures to print off, you could even combine it with your journal to give each photo its own story.



A Home Movie - For something a little more high-tech a home movie is a great option. It’s all good and well having plenty of videos from your holiday but painstakingly showing them one by one can drag on and drain the magic of your holiday highlights. Compiling all these clips into a home movie with music to fit, is a great way to remember your holiday and to show the best parts to your friends/family.

No good at editing? Not a problem! There are some very simple video editing programs you can use such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, in these you can easily place your clips in for a basic home movie. Alternatively, you could even make it straight from your phone!  There are an abundance of apps that will automatically compile photos/videos to create your sun-soaked montage.



Special Souvenirs - Souvenirs are often underappreciated and thought of as nothing more than trinkets to collect dust. Souvenirs as gifts for other people aren’t always respected either - that’s why this time around you should be a little more selfish! Find a souvenir YOU really like, that you’ll be able to look at or use way in the future to let all the memories of the holiday come rushing back. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from a gift shop, it could something you just happen to find, something as simple as shell on the seashore. The important thing is that the souvenir has a special meaning/memory specific to you.



These are just a few ways that you can make the memories of your holidays last. Now it’s just down to you to choose where you want to go - Call our travel experts on 0161 440 6735 to get started!

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