Incredible Game of Thrones filming locations!

After what feels like a lifetime waiting, GoT is finally back. Devoted fans have been eagerly anticipating the next season of this captivating series so we thought we’d take a look at exactly where the plot comes to life. Whilst some of the magic is down to CGI, this epic tale is filmed in some spectacular locations that you can go and visit yourself!


Northern Ireland

The rugged wilderness of Winterfell could only be captured in one place; Northern Ireland. As we know from the first few seasons this area is full of amazing castles, quarries and woodlands which give the scenes their dramatic feel. This area is home to the Gray Cliffs of Ballintoy Harbour (the Iron Islands) and the Dark Hedges (Arya's escape route from King's Landing). If you want to experience some of the iconic sites from Ireland there is a tour which allows travellers to wander the caves where Melisandre of Asshai gave birth to her shadow baby; explore the majestic Ballycastle, where Varys was born as a slave in the Free Cities and much more!



Believe it or not, Croatia is home to King’s Landing in the stunning city of Dubrovnik. Here you can take a walking tour of the city, climb the old city walls and follow in the footsteps of the Stark children. This amazing city really brings to life the scenes we all know and love from the end of season one.



North of the Wall is a particularly important landscape in GoT. Iceland provided the perfect baron, snow-blanketed wilderness to make some truly magical scenes. Skaftafell National Park is where you will find the vast Vatnajökull glacier where you’ll remember Jon Snow ventured in season two. There were also scenes in season three shot in Thingvellir National Park, Myvatn, the Hengill volcanic crater and Thjorsardalur valley.



The landscapes of Malta are something we will mainly remember from the very first season as the setting of King’s Landing. Here, you can explore the 17th century Kalkara Fortress which in the series is known as the Red Keep. For the avid GoT fan you can also take a tour of the beautiful coastlines which discusses the shows original filming locations and gives some insight into how they were chosen.



Seville's famed 10th-century Alcazar was predominant in season 5, here you can see where the Water Gardens of Dorne came to life with the reflection pond and intricate design. The small town of Osuna also featured in the series as the combat arena known as Daznak's Pit was shot here. Later in season 6, the city of Girona was transformed into King's Landing and Braavos. Spain offers you the fantastic opportunity to head out on a walking tour and get some insider knowledge into the city's landmarks through the eyes of key characters.

We can’t wait to see what the next season brings! Winter is coming...

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