7 Detox Destinations To Visit In 2018

At some point we all need to take a break. Where typically we’d simply relax by the beach or the pool in a hot getaway destination, nowadays travellers are going one step further. With more daily distractions, more conflict in the news, more things to buy and more hours working, there’s a modern way of getting away from it all. Detox destinations.

You might have heard many references to detoxing. It could be cutting down from dairy products or meat, perhaps reducing the alcohol intake such as Dry January, or even just heading to the local gym to spend time in the sauna. Well, if you like to travel nowadays there are a whole bunch of incredible destinations for you to experience the ultimate detox. From the most secluded of islands to the luxurious wellness retreats whether it’s a digital, holiday, work or diet detox there’s are several destinations to consider for you to cleanse your mind and soul.

We’ve scouted far and wide for this list, and if you know 2018 is going to be a hectic one it maybe worth considering visiting one of these detox destinations:


Often living in Spain’s shadow as a top holiday destination, Portugal’s time to shine has recently begun. With visitors flocking in numbers significantly over the past few years, Portugal has been noticed. One place that has been getting some new attention is Cascais, the seaside town just outside of the capital Lisbon.

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Right next to Cascais is Estoril and it’s centre point the Estoril Palace Hotel. Located one-minute away from the outstretched sea, the Hotel offers its own wellness programmes created for visitors who are on different detoxes. The packages on offer include reboot and rebalance, sports performance, diet detoxing and anti-ageing programmes plus much more. Why not fly into Lisbon, check out Cascais and finish off your holiday with a detox in Estoril?



Spain has been our go-to destination since the 80’s and it never fails to disappoint. It’s only a couple hours away, it has great weather, family friendly and there are a bunch of different locations to consider. One of them isn’t somewhere new but offers more than one might think. Tenerife. A little bit out in the ocean to the Spanish mainland, Tenerife has great weather even while the UK is gearing up to winter, making it one of the best detox destinations you can enjoy for the majority of the calendar year.

Recommended retreats?

Oceano Health Spa offers the ultimate detox with the best setting. Perched by the Atlantic Ocean with the verdant green mountains in the background, Oceano really get’s healthy. Light exercises, healthy lunches, multiple activities and the most beautiful sunsets are all elements of the Oceano way. There are different options of course including the famed 'Detox following F.X Mayr Medicine'. This retreat won’t be a budget buy but if you’re serious about your detox then it’s quite the experience!



Now, we know we’ve recently lured you in with the secrets of Morocco’s captivating capital but it really is worth mentioning Marrakech when it comes to detox destinations. Admittedly the city may not be the first that comes to mind given its cosmopolitan bustling nature. Yet rolling back them riad curtains Marrakech has a luxury wellness gem or two to consider.

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Away from the hustle and bustle of Jemaa el-Fnaa, Selman Marrakech is the stuff of dreams. The five-star hotel sits at the foot of the Atlas Mountains bearing in the distance and is home to an array of activities. Suitable for families, this Berber-styled masterpiece has pools, sundecks, spas, luxurious villas, butler service, kid’s activities and even an in-house stable with horses. Once you take a first look at the rooms that are on offer we won’t blame you by being hypnotised by their beauty and will no doubt be an escape not to forget!



With a tantalising shopping scene, pulsating nightlife and modern surroundings Dubai is a destination that evokes luxury. Throw in some scorching Middle Eastern weather, add in emerald waters and sandy beaches and it's hard not to choose Dubai as your next escape. With regular flights from the UK that only take around seven-hours, Dubai is always a major option in the detox destinations pile. Look past the beauty and the bling and there are retreats you can sit back and relax in.

Recommended retreats?

The Retreat Palm Dubai is a holistic wellbeing resort situated in the heart of the city. Add in mesmeric views of the Arabian Gulf and top of the range service you won't go without here. The Rayya Wellness Retreat aims to renew, relax, revive, revitalise, reshape and rebuild you ranging from three-day packages up to a fortnight worth of wellness. Whether you just enjoy a romantic getaway, enjoy the idyllic surroundings or embrace the detox experience, Dubai never fails on quality satisfaction.



Indonesia’s tourism is often focused around the island and province that is Bali. Here there is a bit of everything that you want in your break away. From rolling rice terraces to sandy beaches to a rich marine ecosystem, Bali is one of the top detox destinations. You just have to know where to full benefit from what is has to offer.

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Bali is the home of wellness retreats and could be argued as the #1 detox destination on the list. Zen Resort Bali helps you rejuvenate your soul with the practice of meditation, yoga and well-being lifestyle. Perched in the green jungle overlooking the ocean with many options of luxurious villas to relax in. The waters around Bali are rich in marine diversity and Zen offer the Zen dive where you can be a water-baby and see the peaceful and colourful life of the world below. This retreat has just about everything you can want in your ultimate detox destination and it will be difficult not to make this one your next break for 2018!



It’s no secret the land of smiles is a popular hotspot for us to take a well-deserved break. There has been a huge rise in visitors to Thailand over the past decade with many preferring the famous Thai islands dotted around the country. Tourism is huge here so sometimes to find tranquillity you really need to find a spot to getaway from the masses. Yet, look high and low and you're spoilt for choice with detox destinations in Thailand. Phuket is home to many relaxing retreats and has an international airport so you can make a beeline straight there!

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You know in Thailand you’ll get the setting that you desire. Stunning weather, lush trees and outstretched views – it all comes with. Yet, Atmanjai, proclaim to be Phuket’s ONLY beachfront wellness spa. With so many programmes available, such as ultra cleansing, yoga and fitness detoxes, Atmanjai is a popular choice. It is ideally located in the southern part of Phuket that is typically quiet. Also, you’ll experience typical Thai elements from exercises to its traditional cuisine. If you need an excuse to head off to Thailand then this makes it easy!


The Philippines

The Philippines is no stranger to paradise with the country made up of over 7,000 islands. Visitors can enjoy the amazing beaches, plenty of untouched waters and pockets of lush green jungles. The setting is key when you're searching for your getaway detox destinations and the Philippines have everything in abundance.

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A couple of hours away from the chaotic capital Manila is a place called The Farm of San Benito. Arguably the best in the Philippines, this tropical wellness eco resort that is known around the world. You can expect ‘Holistic Views’ at the website states in addition to amenities such as luxury villas, heated pools, tree houses, organic vegan food and spa’s all nestled within the lush green forest. Even thinking about this place brings an instance sense of relaxation and there’s no doubt you’ll get a feeling of ‘zen’ when booking yourself into here!


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