Top City Breaks for 2020

2020 is upon us, its time for something new, to step out of the ordinary and experience something truly unique. Immerse yourself this year in an urban jungle thriving with culture and community. When we think holiday, it’s not always cities that come to mind, but they offer an unforgettable experience unlike any other holiday destination.

Here is Inspire’s top city breaks that all offer diverse experiences more unique than the last!



Dubai - Dubai is a city escape truly like no other. Get a taste of middle eastern culture this year, from baklava to kebabs, Abu Dhabi has some of the most exotic food to sample. Everything about this city is extreme, a prime example being the incredible Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building standing at a staggering 830m! Take to this extreme lifestyle with jet skiing on the Persian Gulf, jeep tours of the Arabian deserts, and the amazing nightlife.

On the other hand, Dubai is brilliant for all-inclusive family holidays, kids are welcome and well taken care of. With a handful of attractions the kids will love such as the LEGOLAND Waterpark. Whatever type of adventure you’re seeking Dubai will offer a sun-soaked experience like no other.



Warsaw - On the opposite end of the thermometer we have Warsaw. The activities within this city largely depend on the season, they’re a bit like us in Britain – they get all sorts of weather (typically more desirable than ours though!). Therefore, be sure you plan appropriately. This time of year, the Polish capital is a frozen gem, perfect for skating on an outside ice rink. One of the most well-known locations is in the middle of the Old Town Square, the ice rink is very hard to miss surrounding a majestic statue of a mermaid. Alternatively, you can indulge in culture rich museums, stroll through beautiful nature gardens and finally warm yourself in the evenings by sampling the finest vodka Polska has to offer!



Budapest - For those that love to go against the crowd by embracing the weird and wonderful, Budapest is the perfect city break. The beautiful Hungarian capital boasts some of Europe’s most amazing architecture, such as the likes of St. Stephen’s Basilica: Awe-inspiring views can be caught from the dome of the church that overlooks the surrounding open streets. Words can’t summarise the  view that almost tops the gorgeous interior; decorated with gold, marble and hand painted art from some of Hungary’s greatest artists. Once you’ve taken in the historical views of the city, unwind in the lush Szechenyi baths that date back to 1913. Ranging from 27°c from 35°c these glorious baths are great for any weather conditions. The mineral induced water offers many health benefits, and you can even brush up on your chess game whilst you soak!



So, there you have it, our top picks for city breaks! We tried to pick destinations that are vastly different from each other to offer an option for all types of travellers. Which sounds most appealing to you? Share this with your travel buddy to inspire your next getaway, or call 0161 440 6735 to get planning with our travel experts!


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