A Message from our Managing Director

I am sure you are all extremely concerned about the current crisis, which is why I am writing to let you know how we are responding and the actions we are taking to keep our colleagues and customers safe.


On Monday 23rd March the Prime Minister announced new social distancing measures which will have a profound impact on our way of life over the next few weeks, and maybe longer.


Decisions that would normally take months have had to be made in a matter of hours. Throughout this process our guiding principle has been to do what is right – right for our colleagues, right for our customers and clients, and right for society.


Our main office is now closed, but we have mobilised all our operational staff, along with other support staff in the business, so that they can continue working from their homes, servicing our customers and clients with their existing bookings and importantly making any new bookings they require, with the same level of professionalism and dedication we are renowned for.


As you can imagine however, in the industry we operate in, the volume of calls we are receiving has exponentially increased, so customers calling in may experience slightly longer delays in accessing assistance. We are committed however to deal with each individual query as quickly as we are able.


We are also working with travel industry specialists to ensure that we comply with government and trade guidelines and regulations, which are also in a constant state of change as the government is having to react to unprecedented situations in the industry and the wider economic environment.


Looking ahead the moment will come when we are able to resume our normal activities and once again pursue our dreams and passion for travel. The world’s most beautiful holidays and destinations are waiting you! And our award-winning team will be at hand to ensure your experience is seamless, personal and inspiring.


Until this time arrives, we will remain committed to “inspiring” you over the coming weeks by bringing a collection of our popular destinations and personal favourites that we hope will take your thoughts away from the everyday


Finally, on behalf of everyone at Inspire, I would like to take a moment to thank and appreciate all the health workers, doctors, nurses, and local community staff who are on the front line helping to care for people and contain the spread of this virus.



I thank you for your continued support and wish you all good health in these challenging times,


Peter Pantelides.